03/05/2018 – Digital Humanities and Text Mining: Stylistic and Intertextual Analysis of Large Corpora

Paul’s presentation and code can now be found the MSDSlab Github page. IMG_20180503_155420437

Original post:

Thursday 03/05/2018 at 15:30 in room B1.09

Paul Vierthaler, a university lecturer at Leiden University in the Digital Humanities,  will discuss the methodological approaches he takes in his research on late Imperial Chinese literature. Paul studies the relationships among historical and fictional documents written in late Ming and early Qing China (1550 to 1700) at the corpus level. To do this, he uses a variety of methods developed by linguists, computer scientists, and biologists. In his talk, Paul will cover stylometric analysis and an intertextuality detection algorithm based on the bioinformatics algorithm BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool). While this talk will ground the methodology in specific research questions, he will mainly focus on describing his approach to blending information retrieval with literary studies.

This talk will start 30 minutes later than our regular starting time!

Preparation: These are some suggested, but not essential, readings:




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